Having worked for numerous clients over the years, here is a selection of some past commercial projects.

GLO - Moving to GLO

Airwick - Air & Fabric (UK)

Airwick - Freshmatic (Spain)

Nike Pro Hero

Nike + Intro

Nike Zoom Fit Agility

Zenith - Mountain Climber

HP Security Solutions

Shoprite Local Family Farms

Shoprite - Local Family Farms

Fashion & Lifestyle
Evolving in the fashion industry and making films for fashion brands to showcase the mood and feeling of their collections.

Jim & Jill






Fox Den



Music Videos
Loving music and musicians. Padraic has made many music videos over the years in collaboration with some amazing artists.

OOFJ - Death Teeth

Met City - Chess Street

Vikesh Kapoor - Blue Eyed Baby

Houndstooth - Borderlands

Gary Thomas - Walls and Floors

Lovers - "Igloos for Ojos"

PWRHAUS - Pwrhaus

Tonality Star - Shine on Me

Black Porcelain - Today is the day

3rd World Spectator

Telling a story is Padraic’s favorite thing to do, here are a selection of short films.


Ryland Walker Knight starring in a short film about a man at home for the day who keeps receiving mysterious unmarked packages.

Like a sun that pours forth light but never warmth

Something is Missing

Two men, living separate existences seemingly as whole people, are both missing something. Something in each other perhaps. A moment in each of their days leads them to meeting their other half – their twin? their doppelgänger?

Uatjangavi - “How could this be?”

Short film about Uatangavi who gets her cleft palate fixed by Operation Smile.

This is a preview of a feature documentary I filmed in Northern Namibia throughout 2011. It was done in collaboration with "The Smile Foundation of South Africa".
It is the story of a young Himba girl and her journey to get a new smile.

Not Now - Bonemarrow Sea

This film was made for the Seattle Children's Hospital's Not Now Program. It is a tribute to Sarah Mirabdolbaghi.