Red Clouds Collective believe in an honest approach and practical design, and in an effort to create a lasting life for their products, they consider all fabrics and functions. Red Clouds Collective goods are designed for people who value quality that both exceeds the standards and meets the needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They are a collective of makers and adventurers, and each piece they make is an extension of their lives. These are a collection of videos I have made for them showing their products being well used.

The Oregon coast has always been an inspiration for the founding brothers Seth and Casey Neefus. This is a film that shows a way of life and the how what they make fits in. Featuring the Red Clouds Collective's Catamount Backpack, Towel, Safety Kit & Work Pant.

Stay Wild magazine and Red Clouds Collective did a collaboration with each to release a limited editino Knife and a pouch. This Video shows it’s creation, in the Red Clouds Collective studio.

The Good Book was one of Red Cloud Collective’s first products and has seen the test of time over the years. Here Perry Phister uses one in his Neon Glass studio while making a new sign. 

In San Francisco a Red Cloud’s Collective Alberta Backpack makes it’s way into the city on the Bay Area Rapid Transit with Justus Kafman-Zimmerly. Bringing their design skills to the city.