It took over a year to film all the pieces of this series for the Nature Conservancy. In collaboration with Sockeye we sought to share the amazing work that is being done all around Oregon by The Nature Conservancy.

Ashland, Oregon’s watershed above the town is very precious and every year it is threatened by fire. The Nature Conservancy has been finding new ways to map the land to understand how these fires move.

The Willamette River has supports life along on shores and has done so for a very long time. Unfortunately over time it has also been abused and has shrunken slowly over the past 100 years. The Nature Conservancy has been working to restore its banks and reincorporate its abused waterways.

In Eastern Oregon, the Sage grouse have become close to extinct because their local habitat has been threatened into almost non-existence. The Nature Conservancy has been funding a novel way of planting new Sage brush with the same technology that’s used in diapers.

The Oregon coast is wild and beautiful, this is an ode to it’s untamed wonder. From crashing waves, rocky shores to sandy beaches, it’s surfers, sunbathers and fisherman all have a love for this epic coastline.

On the Zumwalt Prairie there is a lot of grass and a lot of cattle. The Nature Conservancy has funded a program to use Satelites to figure out how its playing together.

Gathering footage from all over Oregon, and from all walks of people enjoying the outdoors, this is a call to action to preserve what we love so much about this wonderful state.